The World Poker Blogger Tour is putting another great writer into Event #2 of the World Seris of Poker. Congrats to Russell Fox, tax and poker expert, who won tonight’s event.

The only question is…will he wear a WPBT t-shirt?

Now, who is next?

Have fun storming the castle!

One of the great things about the World sbo Poker Blogger Tour Vegas conventions is that there is rarely an agenda. The bloggers strap themselves to virtual surfboards and ride waves of Southern Comfort, Irish Car Bombs, cards, chips, and revelry through several days of silliness.

But, I have an idea.

As of right now, there are only a few must-do items for the upcoming WPBT convention in Vegas.

On Friday, I know Bracelet Bob, R. Fox, and whoever else ends up playing wouldn’t mind the occasional railbird during Event #2 of the WSOP.

On Saturday at 10am, the CJ-organized WBPT Aladdin Classic is filling up.

Following that tournament, the WPBT Minister of Debauchery (aka Minister of Intoxication–I can’t decide which I prefer) is working to organize an after-party for all of us. I don’t think the deal is done yet, but I’m hearing tales of 100 different tequilas.

Those are the only must-dos.

I suggest one more.

See, last December, the bloggers took up residence in the low-rent district at the Excalibur poker room. We played some low-stakes, drank it up, cheered for a dog-riding monkey, and got an Albanian dude to do Teddy KGB impersonations. Pauly was stuck in the middle of a poker room brawl. Marty check-raised a guy on three consecutive streets, only making the best hand on the river. At one point the ceiling opened up and water poured onto a table. Felicia organized an O8 game that ended up as an tutoring session for the dealers. I ate gumbo that wasn’t gumbo. Some unsuspecting woman drank Al’s soco shot.

In short, it was good times all around.

Last night, during an extended chat session that accompanied thet WPBT WSOP Satellite, I posed the question. And I’ll pose it again here, opening up the comments section for Vegas-bound bloggers to determine whether we’ll do it.

Here it is…

At a pre-determined time, the WPBT Storms the Castle. As of right now, based on the timing of everything, I’m suggesting 10pm on Friday night. If for some reason one of our bloggers is still in the WSOP, railbirds can come following the event.

But imagine the Excalibur poker room, purring along with it’s regular Friday night crowd, all of a sudden stormed by 60+ poker bloggers looking for some low-limit action.

It would be, in short, a hoot.