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aplikasi live Tour Join Forces To Create The Largest Poker Database



aplikasi live Tour has allied with Chipleaders Inc. that is a well-known online social network on poker. The two organizations will together create the largest poker database in the world. They will use the latest software and create a section of the WPT site. With this they will make it possible for players to find other poker players, share thoughts and generally interact. With Chipleader’s innovative technology, players will be able to upload photos and create profiles. They will also be able to email, blog, share information. Besides these benefits, players also get to participate in forums, and scheduled events. Sounds like a great resource base for poker enthusiasts all over.

With no cost to players and fans of the WPT, this should prove to be another monstrous venture by the WPT and should give them some heavy traffic for its site. According to WPT founder and CEO, Steven Lipscomb, this move will take the WPT to new heights.

Online Poker Industry Defiantly Flouting US Advertising Rules

The online poker industry is once again in the news and is attracting government attention in the US. This time it is for blatant disregard for advertising rules.

The promotion of online poker sites in plain view of the U.S. public had caught Uncle Sam’s attention. According to an article published by the New York Post, the U.S. Justice Department has targeted several prominent media firms for accepting advertising from the online gambling industry

How Ethical Are Bots and Other Poker Software Programs?

A lot of doubts exist in player’s minds with regard to bots. Serious online poker players feel that they are having to match skills with a computer program with an unfair advantage. Questions are being raised about how ethical poker bots or similar tools are. People are also questioning the effect of such tools and programs on the character of the game. The Poker Advantage is such a program that is blatantly advertising that it gives the players an unfair advantage. It is being touted as the next big tool as it makes the player go on to win, at online poker. Softwares such as this one, read all the visible cards on the table and then use this information, running it through a poker odds calculator. Based on this the software can predict the hand strength, and give a cue to the player on when to call, check, raise, re-raise or fold.

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