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Phil Laak in the Guinness togel  Book of World Records?

It’s official: the world is ending soon. Phil Laak gave it his best effort to have a record to his name, in this case the “Longest Poker Game”, which was previously officially in the hands of Larry Olmsted. Larry Olmsted official time was 72 hours and 22 minutes, which he set at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut in 2004. The unofficial record, as in the

American 8g88 Update

Sorry its been a while since my last 8g88. I’ll try to start updating much more now that I am back from Las Vegas. To begin with I will start with personal stuff; as some of you know Katrina’s father has been very ill battling cancer and she had to leave for Florida when he turned worse. Its been three weeks and the good news is he is now out of the hospital and doing

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Thunder, Lightning slothoki and Poker

  It was time. I had been in Louisiana for almost two months, and had yet to visit a casino for some real B&M; poker. Today, that drought came to and end. As I drove the 70+ miles to Kinder, LA and the Grand Casino, a sense of foreboding overcame me. Perhaps I was nervous,

Greening your online sanghoki experience.

  With today being Blog Action Day, and with the whole world blogging about how we can improve the world around us, I thought I’d write a few words about what steps you can take to green up your online poker. Lets face it the biggest demon you are going to face with online sanghoki is power usage. Here are seven tips for 7 days to help reduce the power usage of your online gaming. Switch

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For those patients with significant extra abdominal skin following weight loss or following pregnancy, liposuction is not the entire solution. Liposuction is designed to remove fat cells from beneath the skin, but does nothing to tighten it. Excess skin that aprons over a cesarean section or hysterectomy scar is very common. In these patients an excisional procedure such as a tummy-tuck are necessary to tighten the skin to improve the abdominal contour to its greatest

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  I’ve never been a thief. Outside of a few poker blinds and a piece of gum from a corner store when I was a kid, I’ve always shied away from a life of theft. Still, it made so much sense. The bin of shades sat right by the door. I was already nearly sprinting. No one would catch me. What’s more, I would be the envy of every 2:00am tournament player. The 22-year-old recovering

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