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Some people gamble to win, some people play to kill time and some people just play to have fun. If you play to win you’ll walk away flush about half the time, if you play to kill you’ll never be disappointed, but if you play to have fun you’ll be a winner every time you log on. At least that is the philosophy of $133,528.20 jackpot winner ‘Kst’ who won his fortune playing Rags to Riches at InterCasino (www.InterCasino.com).

Although ‘Kst’ has only been an InterCasino player for two months, he plays about four times a week when he is not able to get to his favorite land based casino in Windsor, Canada. But InterCasino is hot for ‘Kst’ who has never won a jackpot even close to $133,528.20 in all his years playing in Windsor. “A lot of people that don’t win off-line are winners at InterCasino. Maybe they can concentrate more playing from home, or maybe we’re just lucky for them, I can’t really be sure.” comments InterCasino Manager Ryan Hartley.

But ‘Kst’ didn’t choose InterCasino because he is superstitious or because he read about the $4.5 Million Dollars InterCasino has paid out in progressive jackpots this year. ‘Kst’ choose InterCasino because, as he succinctly states: “The games are fun and they are generally easier to play than at other casinos.”

How did ‘Kst’ react after winning the largest jackpot of his gambling career? “I am excited now… but at first I was completely hysterical. The first person I told is the first person I saw, a friend that come over about 10 minutes after I won! I’m using the money to buy a new truck and to put a down payment on a house.” And if anyone wants to know ‘Kst’s’ secret: “Just relax, have fun and enjoy it, it truly is a lot of fun.”

Good as Gold Casino announces new spectacular Flash games!

Good as Gold Casino (www.goodasgoldcasino.com) is proud to Unique Casino announce that as of this week, players are able to play five new casino games. Earlier this year, Good as Gold Casino already launched its new single player slot machine known as Treasure Cove.

“Treasure Cove has been a huge success, players love it! With its nine paylines and five reels it offers a huge opportunity for players to win very frequently. Due to that success we wanted to offer our clients more slot machines. That is why we released two new slots, Fastball and Touchdown”, commented Daniel van Dijkman, Marketing Manager for www.goodasgoldcasino.com

The Fastball slot machine is a baseball themed slot machine with three reels and a hidden screen that allows players to score extra points on a baseball field. Touchdown offers the players an NFL themed five reels slot machine.

Developed by online casino software provider Interactive Gaming and Wagering (IGW), these games enable online players to bet anything from just 1 cent, up to $5 on each spin – one of the most flexible limit structures around.

“Besides the two new slots, we are very proud that we can now offer a new version of Let It Ride Poker – a casino classic! Keno, a funny version of this great game and Rogers Lottery where our players can buy $1 scratch cards!”

The games, as with all games at www.goodasgoldcasino.com require no download – players can simply turn up and play – there is even a Free Play mode, which loads and plays exactly the same as the real thing.

“We are showing casino players everywhere that www.goodasgoldcasino.com is one of the most exciting places on the net today!” Van Dijkman said.

Good as Gold Casino is managed by VIPservices, and the company has been offering online gaming from the legal, secure jurisdiction of the Netherlands Antilles since late 1996, and is a major player in this growing, multi-billion dollar industry.