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World Bocoran Slot Gacor Tour is going to be on TV starting in March! I’m really excited that poker is starting to get regular TV coverage. ESPN has been showing weekly poker. I don’t especially like 1 and 2 hour timeslots for poker — it’s hard to really get into the action — but I recognize they’re a hard necessity for poker to make it to any sort of “real” TV channel.

Last year, did truly excellent full-length internet broadcasts of all the World Series of Poker tournaments. Hopefully they’ll keep that up this year. And hopefully you’ll be able to see me on one of them this year… I’m emboldened after one of my regular local game players, Doug Kim, made it to a final table last year.

In other news, two of the famous tiltboys (check out that link for some of the funniest gambling stories on the net) are embarking on what may be the coolest roadtrip of all time. I am definitely going to be issuing a challenge to these guys. Maybe a $1,000 RPS challenge or something along those lines. Also, they’re coming to Barton Springs golf course… I’m going to try to convince my buddy/golfing badass Hong to challenge them to a match

more SXSW film reviews

I’ve managed a measly three films in the last three days… the ones I’ve missed that I’ve heard are quality views are Dirt, Bubba Ho-Tep and Raising Victor Vargas. I, on the other hand, saw two mediocre films and one good one:

Phone Booth

Joel Schumacher’s film that was shot in just over a week in 2000, starring Colin Farrell. While I it’s the best film I’ve ever seen that is set in a phone booth, it left something to be desired. There are a couple technical and plausibility issues which made it hard for me to suspend my disbelief. And why does Forrest Whitaker still get roles? The guy is not a good actor. He has exactly two facial expressions – slightly incredulous and slightly upset. The film has some tense scenes, especially in the second thirty minutes. Colin Farrell does pretty well in his role. Overall, not worth recommending unless you’re a big Colin fan.

You’ll Never Wieze in this Town Again

Pauly Shore’s attempt to get back on the scene. The film was amusing at points, and is a must-see for any remaining Pauly Shore fans. There actually is a hilarious but small sub-plot about Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore getting mistaken for each other which was probably the funniest part of it. It was saved by the huge number of cameos – about 40 – including a balding Kato Kaelin, and a Clint Howard sex scene. Only recommendable if you like Pauly Shore.

A Mighty Wind

This is NOT a review of A Mighty Wind. It was shown in an unfinished “sneak preview” form for SXSW and still is undergoing final editing and Louis Black begged the audience not to review it. Nonetheless, I can say that if you liked Christopher Guest’s other stuff – especially Waiting for Guffman – you will not be disappointed with this film. The characters weren’t as deep as in some of the other Guest mockumentaries, probably because there were more, and the quaint charm of the characters’ pathetic lives was a little bit thinner too. But another solid effort from pretty much the exact cast of characters (minus the old dude who played Leslie Cabot in Best in Show).

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