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American 8g88 Update


Sorry its been a while since my last 8g88. I’ll try to start updating much more now that I am back from Las Vegas. To begin with I will start with personal stuff; as some of you know Katrina’s father has been very ill battling cancer and she had to leave for Florida when he turned worse. Its been three weeks and the good news is he is now out of the hospital and doing much better and she is heading home. She also managed to talk him into coming back to Atlanta with her at least for awhile. So as you can see I am excited since I was in Vegas in late June and cut my trip short when she had to be in Florida. We missed spending the 4th of July together and her birthday for the first time in over 20 years as she reminded me :). I am told guys dont really think of these things at least I didn’t but I probably should have. Well I can say we will definetly try and make up for lost time once she returns tonight :).

Now for the American Poker Invitational updates;

Our data entry people are back entering points for everyone. Chris actually came over to help out. He has been busy since graduating college and we are definitely happy to have him helping us again. Thanks Chris!

The rest of the member service team has been vacationing and/or dealing with personal stuff before school starts in Georgia. They are also returning to town and starting back to work over the next few days so everyone will start seeing their points appear in the Leaderboard and online rankings but give it at least a week to see most of the scores caught up.

I will post  more Las Vegas pictures on the main web site and on our American Poker Players Social Network site shortly. Katrina actually took my laptop with her to Florida and most of the pictures I left on it. I will also burn some CD’s for Eric, Bob, Mike and the rest of the guys when she returns. We have some great photos that I am sure everyone who was in Vegas with Team API will want to have. I’ll try and get them all posted online as well. Many of the API players won tournaments, made their way to final tables and partied with some of the best players in the world so we will have a lot to show and write about.

The American Poker Invitational Leaderboard Tournanments and American Poker Players Association Tournaments will be scheduled and announced next week as well so check back for more updates.

Thats it for now, I’ll post more later. Until then get out to our live tournaments and get ready for next years WSOP trip which will be even better!

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